Policy On the Use and Maintenance of Building Equipment 

This is to clarify building policy in regard to the use, maintenance, repair and replacement of fixed and moveable common laboratory equipment at the Stanton L. Young Biomedical Research Center (BRC) and the PHF Research Park Building 800 fourth floor (RP). The policy does not apply to Core Laboratories and the Vivariums since they are service units and have oversight by the central administration. The two sections below identify the responsibilities of Building Management and those of the Principal Investigators and their departments.

Building Management Maintenance Responsibilities.

• Maintenance and annual certification of fume hoods.

• Maintenance of shared scientific equipment purchased by the BRC or RP projects,

equipment which is located in common laboratory support spaces.

• Consumables for shared scientific equipment, including paper and lamps for gel docs,

toner for spectrophotometer printer and graph paper and pens for building environmental


• Glass washers, dryers and autoclaves and the provision of consumables, including soap,

printer paper and ribbon.

• Monthly service for x-ray developer(s), including chemicals.

• Replacement and repair of common water polishers including filters.

• Common emergency supply room spill and first aid kits.

• Centrifuge warranty and repair service, including replacement of rotors when necessary.

• Lyophilizer repair and monthly oil changes.

• Emergency freezers only: the Forma -85 freezer in RP room 416 once it is vacated and

the Forma -85 freezer in BRC room 363 and the Revco -135 in BRC room 212 which are

vacated. For these emergency freezers only, management is responsible for filter

cleaning, repair or replacement.

• Break room refrigerators and microwaves.

• Equipment for large conference and seminar rooms.

Principal Investigator and Department Responsibilities.

• Certification and maintenance of Biological Safety Cabinets used in the lab or lab support

area, regardless of whether they are in use or not, PI/Department or BRC owned,

including repair or replacement of filters, blowers and motors.

• Provides all gases, including but not limited to CO2 for tissue culture rooms and


• Maintain, repair or replace CO2 incubators, either PI or building owned.

• PC's, printers and related equipment.

• BRC common fax machines.

• PI's and their departments are responsible for the common freezers they occupy. For

these freezers only, this includes filter cleaning, repair or replacement. This excludes the

emergency freezers identified above.

• Centrifuge and rotor replacement due to damage from improper use.

• Purchase, maintenance, repair or replacement of UPS. UPS is a PI responsibility and is

recommended to protect computer and sensitive analytical equipment.